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Youngevity was founded and is owned by Dr. Joel Wallach,                                                                 

International Renowned Health and Longevity Expert of "Dead Doctors                 

Don't Lie" Fame.  Dr. Wallach is the Host of the Nationally Syndicated                                                        

Radio Program on GCN: "Dead Doctors Don't Lie".


Dr. Joel Wallach's Dead Doctors Don't Lie radio program can be heard on GCN Monday-Friday 2:00-3:00pm (CT)


You can call 1-888-379-2552 to talk to him during the show.


Call 1-760-569-7741 to listen to Dead Doctor's Don't Lie by telephone on the GCN Listen Line or click here to Listen to the Dead Doctor's Don't Lie Show On Demand from GCN.


Archives of Dead Doctor's Don't Lie radio program are available for free download on GCNLive.com. Click here for Archives


High quality products

High quality products

Get products at the lowest price

Get products at the lowest price

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monthly free shipping for products over $50

Auto Ship option: 
monthly free shipping for products over $50

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Protect your family's health

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