We have thousands of man hours and years of sacrifice compiling the information we've gathered.  We did not create most of this information-for that we do not take credit.  This has been created from people just like you that have been in the trenches fighting corruption.  There have been so many bits and pieces from so many we cannot possibly name them all, we will however name a few.  Several bar card carrying attorneys-of which we cannot name, but are in the shadows here for us when we have a question.  Brave folks like the Tenth Amendment Center, Rick Schramm, Michael Badnarick, Randi Shannon, Eddie Craig, Sheriff Mack, 4409, Oathkeepers, the brave open carry folks, the 1st Amendment Protectors, and all the warriors out there that send us their documents that show us what has and is working as well as what didn't.  Real news radio programs; The Josh Tolley Show, Live to Win with Johnny Storm, and Waking Up In America, The Edge, KTBL AM www.1050talk.com and The Judge.  A very special thank you to the judges and you know who you are, that have worked tirelessly to make sure we learn it right and share it right. 

We don't want to forget all of our fearless contributors; Chris, Brad, Gloria, Keith, Diane, Dr. Hatwan, L Gordon, J Goff, Bill, Rowdy, Dave, Dan, Betty, etc.

Guests we've had on the show......
Eileen Dannemann -
Founder, VaccineLiberationArmy.com
Merlin Miller-Award Winning Film Producer-Jericho
Deborah Breuner-http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/
Hartford Van Dyke - Author of Vultures
Victoria Baer- Agenda 21 Expert
Dr. Ben Fuchs 'Brightside Ben' http://brightsideben.com/
Eric Jon Phelps Author http://vaticanassassinsarchive.com/
Minerals by Dr. Joel Wallach www.Contact.my90forlife.com/

Andy Ostrowski  http://andyostrowski.com
Ken Dost https://deadlyclear.wordpress.com/tag/ken-dost/

Michael J Murphy http://www.whyintheworldaretheyspraying.com/about

Youngevity For Your Health www.Contact.Youngevity.com 




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