Learn about one of the BEST (our humble opinion)key ingredients to removing free radicals from your blood cells...We've been taking this for over a year now. Look what it does after just days...


If you would like to work with Randi personally, please send her a message. "I take it my kids take it...i am 45 and have NO gray hair (i have never colored my hair), I am a very slow ager, I run 5k's no problem, 10k's no problem, working towards a half marathon, every day i have great energy (in spite of the repressive gov't) i've made myself a real experiment. I can only promote what I believe in....i believe in this.


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“This [new research] paper says: ‘Activating Nrf2 actually sensitizes the tumors to radiation and to chemo (…) and the other part of that [study] is just as important: ‘Nrf2 ‘activators are chemo-protectors and radio-protectors for normal organs’. [Protandim - NRF2 and Cancer ]


“So imposing a Nrf2 activator changes the way that tumors and normal tissues respond to radiation & it does it in the best possible way: it makes the radiation more effective at eliminating the tumor, and less effective at causing damage to the rest of your body.”


– Dr. Joe McCord, Chief Scientist & Researcher, LifeVantage