Randi Shannon began 42 Action as a small humble platform for the people to share their ideas, experiences, opinions, past and current cases, and education.  Many contributors joined along the way.  There were many interesting topics and discussions.  After 5+ years , Randi decided over a year ago, to move to another platform and path altogether and is no longer associated with 42 Action.  Randi wishes you God Speed in whatever your journey.


Because 42 Action has changed hands, it will be taking on a new face and new leadership.  It will focus entirely on common law only.  Stay tuned to see the changes and new leadership.  

42ACTION.org is an unregistered unincorporated self governing society. Our sole purpose is to support each other in growing our personal knowledge in law. When joining this natural community, your membership is 100% FREE in which you have access to various tools, case law, state constitutions, and our community forums where people communicate about their specific issues and what they did to resolve them. This entire community is structured to encourage "We The Living People On The Land" to exchange remedy with each other. IF you are looking for a home to exchange information, remedies that are working and what has NOT worked, and a whole lot more, then Welcome to 42ACTION.org .


There are two types of domains....one is public and one is private.  We operate in the private domain.  There are over 70 US Supreme Court Decisions that say you can operate in the private domain and be outside the jurisdication of all state and federal authorities.  There are no cases to the contrary.  This principle is not confined to any field of human interest.  





1803 Marbury vs Madison

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